Matchmaking with Silicon Valley’s mentors

We are launching a project for Ukrainian companies that want to enter the US market. Register and receive free consultations from top Silicon Valley experts.
Strategic advice on entering the US market
In-depth analysis of consumers and features of the foreign market
Individual consultations on content adaptation and marketing communication
Practical and effective advice
Assistance in finding investors
Preparation of your company/product pitch

Leading Project Expert: Natasha Kurtova French

US market entry expert.
Silicon Valley
Natasha Kurtova French is a recognized Silicon Valley expert with 30 years of experience. She specializes in IT, mobile applications, and property, and is an expert in US market entry strategies and international management.
Short Biography
Helped over 100 companies from different countries to enter the US market.
Was a mentor and advisor at US Market Access, working with startups.
Raised funding through Kickstarter for a French startup, exceeding the planned amount by 10 times.
Conducted seminars about intercultural communication, how to promote ideas to American investors, and used winning strategies for entering the US market.
Attracted investments of more than $1 million in profit to a foreign VR technology startup.
Natasha Kurtova French and other mentors will offer personal consultations to companies as needed, based on individual requests.
We will select companies that are truly ready to work and develop.

Participation conditions

Companies of Ukrainian origin

High level of English

Willingness for intensive work and development

Readiness to provide detailed information about the company so that mentors can delve into the context of your business and provide individual recommendations

The places are limited; we will select only 20 companies for the first stream, so act fast!

Mukachevo, str. Sadova, 25, Ukraine
Khmelnytskyi, str. Kamyanetska, 112/2, Ukraine